New World Transitions

Gayle Uchida, Managing Director

New World Transitions (NWT) represents the journey of its founder, Gayle Uchida and her firsthand knowledge and understanding of how the landscape is changing for today’s aging population and their families. Because it can be difficult to navigate all the possibilities and options available to the elderly-- from aging in community to the basics of how and where to begin-- New World Transitions serves to bridge that gap by providing transition guidance and navigational services.

In 2007, Gayle’s parents, living in Hawaii in the home they had raised their children and had shared for over 50 years, became unable to properly care for themselves. Gayle and her sister both in California, started the unexpected and unfamiliar process of long-distance caregiving. After several months, with an appointed caregiver, Gayle’s father took a serious fall suffering a fractured vertebrae and her mother received an ovarian cancer diagnosis all in the span of only a couple months.

Tough Choices
Gayle and her sibling had to make some tough decisions for their parents' care.  It became apparent that to treat the cancer and monitor the healing of their dad’s spine, uprooting her parents to the mainland was the best option. After wading through the medical care system, insurance logistics and selling of the family home, her parents had to leave the stability and security of their home and move into an independent living facility in Alameda, California.  After a year, the sisters needed to react to their parents continued decline and find another facility that could provide 24X7 onsite care to support her mother’s stage 4 cancer and her dad’s slip into dementia.   

Along with the transitions related to her parents, Gayle also was seeing transitions in her career.  After her mother’s passing and with her father in a care facility that caters to his needs, Gayle joined San Francisco Village, a non-profit dedicated to building a membership of those wishing to age in community in San Francisco.

After two years at the Village as its sole employee for the first year and then working with an Executive Director, she managed the  operations and the services and support provided to the Village members. They were adults ranging in age from 60-90's and lived in various neighborhoods in San Francisco. Though they had different reasons for joining all were looking to be able to live independent lives as they age and remain in their homes. With various program offerings and a full menu of services provided, the members counted on Gayle as the voice on the other end of the phone to deliver services and support their needs as well as the one who kept them abreast of Village goings on via the monthly newsletter she authored and published.